Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Let The Second-Guessing Of The CFA Exam Begin!

One of the frustrating parts of taking the CFA exam is that there's between a 6 and 8 week (depending on which level you took) lag from the time you took the exam to the time you get results. So, there's a lot of time for second-guessing, wild mood swings, and so on. Several of my students and I took the exam at the same test center, and we all shot the breeze over lunch. They were all pretty confident after the morning session. I've already talked to one of them this week (yesterday), and he said that right after the exam, he felt pretty good overall.

Now today, he said he's started the second-guessing. I warned my guys about this, but it's still hard to avoid.

I'm a regular reader of (and sometimes contributor to ) AnalystForum. It seems like the same thing is going on there in the Level 2 forum. It's understandable, since the group there is a pretty open one, with a lot of participation (damn! - I wish I could get a bunch like that in MY classes).

But relax, all. What's done is done, and we'll know the results when we know. If we make it, there'll be plenty of time to start studying for the next level. If not, we'll have plenty of time to start plugging the holes in the current one that we'll have to retake.

But it's still hard to wait.

Ah well. In addition to the exam, I also got two rejections this week. Now I have to patch them up and ship them back out so I can stay compliant with Mungo's Rule (see #5-b). And there's more data to torture for new projects.

To the Bat Cave, Robin!